Mammoth Project? No Problem!

The long awaited Steyn City development will finally open the doors of its 18-hole Nicklaus-designed golf course, clubhouse, and spa for the first time this October with the rest of the development quickly taking shape. Being a preferred supplier of IT infrastructure service, ONEEIGHTY Networks had our part to play in this development as well.

steyn-cityLying on the edge of Sandton, Steyn City will change the face of Johannesburg with over 10, 000 residential properties. It will provide job creation and community empowerment opportunities to the surrounding communities as well. It is certainly one of the most ambitious development projects in South Africa to date.

Not just an entrance, the gatehouses at Steyn City are testament to the quality of finishing that will be present in every element of the development. The design brief was for a classic yet contemporary aesthetic and it features 14 lanes – 7 for cars entering the property and 7 for those leaving. It also features various supporting buildings, including a data centre.

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