Steyn City Opens Its Gates

The Steyn City development, the largest project of its kind in Africa to date, was officially launched earlier this month, opening the 10, 000 residential properties up for sale. This luxurious estate which is bordered by not one, but two townships will certainly go down as a key point in the history of Johannesburg, as well as the surrounding areas in the north. It creates jobs, empowers the community and opens up a plethora of services.

ONEEIGHTY Networks played a part in this development, installing the IT infrastructure that keeps the gatehouses of Steyn City running. As with everything that has to do with Steyn City, the gatehouses are game changers when it comes to estate entrances. These structures are as beautiful as they are functional, serving 14 lanes each, 7 in and 7 out.

We are proud to have made a contribution to this development and look forward to seeing it shape the lives of those living north of Johannesburg.

If you have a need for IT infrastructure in your project, talk to us! Our technicians are well-trained, experienced and capable of tackling any size installation.