Server Rooms


ONEEIGHTY Networks offers server room design, building and installation services. As this is the heart of your IT network, it needs to be perfect and you cannot afford to cut corners here. Armed with over a decade’s worth of experience, we have come to know that companies have different requirements in server rooms and these needs evolve as businesses grow. You not only need a space that will meet your needs now, but one that will continue to do so for a long time.

Having a secure server room is top priority. Whether you need to update, modernise or overhaul your system, or build an entire server room from scratch, ONEEIGHTY Networks can help! We make sure your server room ticks all the boxes.

Servers can often become hot as they try to keep up with the needs of an entire company. Environmental and climate control is of utmost importance to keep your server room cool and avoid the risk of overheating, which could damage other components of your infrastructure as well and lead to serious connectivity problems. ONEEIGHTY Networks understands this and makes sure that environmental control solutions are always included.

In the rare occasions that sparks from an overheated server room ignites and causes a fire, it needs to remain localised to stop it spreading. This is a serious concern in large networks that are expected to function efficiently throughout the working day and even beyond that. ONEEIGHTY Networks employs fire suppression techniques in every server room we build.

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