Let’s face it, South Africa’s crime rate is high and the effect that theft and property damage can have on your business is quite significant. This includes the cost of replacing stolen goods and the potential business hours lost as a result. You need proper security measures in place and these days that means a security CCTV camera and equipment.

ONEEIGHTY Networks is a proud supplier and installer of CCTV cameras that increases the protection of our clients’ buildings. We have partnered with a top supplier to bring you this service as we take security seriously.

For corporate and commercial buildings, modern surveillance systems are essential for monitoring security. At ONEEIGHTY Networks, we go out of our way to select quality components that will meet the monitoring needs of our clients and deliver clear videos.

Our partner organisation has many years’ experience in the CCTV industry. We work closely with them to ensure you reap the benefit of having a truly world-class security system in place.

Contact us today to make sure your company is secure!